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eS8 eSpeaker eS8 Just Plug It In HD Audio

The eS8 Power over Ethernet 8” Ceiling Speaker is a network-based speaker used to allow paging (no talk back) into specific areas of a facility. The eS8 is specifically designed for installation in the ceilings of hallways or large common areas.

The Telecor eSeries uses Power-over-Ethernet technology, Just Plug It In!™ design, and a decentralized network structure to ensure easy wiring and simplified network planning. The use of Power-over-Ethernet technology allows the eS8 to be plugged into a PoE network switch to supply both power and data. The simplicity of Telecor's Just Plug It In!™ design means the eS8 does not require any network configuration or administration, eliminating IP address and DHCP server requirements. Once plugged into the LAN, the eS8 can receive broadcast voice from eConsoles as well as receive pages from other devices in the network. The decentralized network structure means no head end, central server or controller equipment is required to operate the network.


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