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2481-TBP Timer Button Panel


In addition to displaying the time, the eClocks also feature an elapsed timer and count-down functions. By installing the Telecor 2481-TBP Timer Button Panel in conjunction with the eClock, users are able to count upwards from zero to 24 hours or count down to zero from a specified value.

2421-BBF / 2421-BBS / 2431-BBF / 2431-BBS
Surface and Flush Back Boxes

Surface and Flush Backboxes for eCLK-2.5 and eCLK-4.


2423 Dual-Face Wall Mounted / Single Face Ceiling Mounted eClocks

clock mount

Two surface mount eClocks can be mounted back-to-back with a 2423 Dual Mounting Kit, creating a double-face version of the eClock. The Dual Mounting Kit is supplied with a bracket that allows the clock to be mounted 4" away from a wall or ceiling surface.

An optional 2433 Clock Guard is also available for the surface mount models of the eClocks. The guards are constructed from sturdy, heavy gauge steel and include a plexiglas window that provides both protection and optimum visibility of the clock's display.

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