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eAMP Ethernet 25W Amplifier Just Plug It In HD Audio


The eAMP is a 25 watt amplifier that adds paging and public address capabilities to the eSeries Intercom System. It is designed to receive audio signals from either the eSeries network or a local input and broadcast them over conventional speakers and/or back into the eSeries network for broadcast to other eSeries devices. It also has the ability to store and play pre-recorded announcements or tones to its speakers or over other eSeries devices connected to the network. Each eAMP is intended to provide one zone of paging. For larger applications, multiple eAMPs can work co-operatively on the network to support a comprehensive zone paging system.


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SI-60 / SI-125 / SI-250 Amplifier


The Telecor SI-60 (60 watts), SI-125 (125 watts) and SI-250 (250 watts) amplifier is designed for dependable continuous operation. The amplifier delivers up to 60/125/250 watts of power at less than 0.5% total harmonic distortion. The frequency response is 40 to 15,000 Hz, +/- 1 dB. Elaborate protection circuitry is implemented in the design to ensure maximum protection from damage caused by overloads and shorted line conditions.


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View more technical data on the SI-250.

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